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Depreciation rates for Tier 3

A couple of questions have been raised about depreciation rates to use for certain asset types when completing Tier 3 accounts.  Here is a list of depreciation rates we use within the Board of Administration.  If there are items  that are missing, then let me know,  and I will find it and add it to the list.  All depreciation is undertaken using straight line depreciation.  Please note that for Tier 4 annual accounts you do not put depreciation into the accounts as Tier 4 is purely cash accounts.


Asset Type
in Xero
Plant Air Conditioning Systems SL 6.50%
Plant Air conditioning systems (in use 24 hours per day) SL 10.00%
Equip Audio and Video Systems – default rate SL 24.00%
Comput Backup Units for Computer Systems SL 30.00%
Build Buildings with reinforced concrete SL 3.00%
Build Buildings with with timber framing SL 2.00%
Equip Cameras – Hand Held SL 24.00%
Furn Carpets (other than modular tile construction) SL 24.00%
Furn Chairs – Office SL 10.00%
Comput Computer Equipment (default class) SL 30.00%
Soft Computer Software SL 30.00%
Equip Dehumidifier SL 17.50%
Furn Desks SL 8.00%
Equip Dictating Machines SL 40.00%
Equip Dishwasher SL 18.00%
Furn Drapes – Building Fitout SL 17.50%
Equip Fax machines SL 24.00%
Blg Fence(Wooden) SL 6.50%
Furn Filing Cabinets SL 8.00%
Furn Furniture (Loose) SL 15.00%
Plant Heat Pump SL 7.00%
Comput Laptops SL 30.00%
Equip Mobile phones SL 50.00%
MV Motor Vehicles SL 18.00%
Equip Musical Instruments SL 15.50%
Comput Network servers SL 30.00%
Furn Office Furn & Fittings – Default Class SL 10.00%
Paint Paintings and Drawings SL 6.50%
Part Partitions (non-load bearing SL 6.50%
Comput Personal Computers SL 30.00%
Equip Photocopiers SL 24.00%
Piano/Organ SL 5.50%
Equip Postal Franking Machines SL 15.50%
Comput Printers for computers SL 24.00%
Furn Tables SL 12.50%
Plant Telephone Systems SL 18.00%
Equip Telephones – handsets – portable SL 40.00%
Equip Televisions SL 24.00%
Furn Trolleys SL 10.00%
Equip Vacum cleaner – Commercial SL 24.00%
Equip Vacum cleaner – Residential Type SL 40.00%
Equip Video Projectors SL 24.00%

Charities Services – XRB Training – Tier 3 and 4 Financial Reporting Standards

New Reporting Standards – additional seminars in October

The External Reporting Board (XRB), in conjunction with Charities Services are holding seminars to update registered charities on the new accounting requirements that become mandatory in 2015.  I would strongly encourage you to attend or become part of the webinar.

The XRB is managing the registration process for the seminars. Click here to go to XRB’s website for seminar locations and times, and to register for a seminar.

Webinar 29 October

There will also be a two-hour webinar on Wednesday the 29th of October at 9am. This is a live web broadcast of the presentations that will be made at next month’s seminars. Anyone can register for the webinar, and once you are registered you will be able to ask questions during the broadcast. You can register at the webinar registration page. The webinar will be published at a later date on the XRB website.

About the seminars

The free, two-hour seminars are aimed at registered charities with annual operating expenditure less than $2 million. These charities will be able to report using Simple Format Reporting standards.

The seminars will include:

  • The new legislative requirements for registered charities to follow XRB Accounting Standards from 1 April 2015
  • An overview of the Simple Format Reporting Standards
  • How the final standards differ from the proposed standards as a result of consultation with the sector during 2013 (which was the focus of the last seminar series)
  • What charities need to do now to get ready to apply the Simple Format Reporting Standards next year, and
  • Future opportunities to learn more about the standards and how to apply them.

Registration queries

If you have any questions about registering for these seminars, please email the External Reporting Board at enquiries@xrb.govt.nz