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Depreciation rates for Tier 3

A couple of questions have been raised about depreciation rates to use for certain asset types when completing Tier 3 accounts.  Here is a list of depreciation rates we use within the Board of Administration.  If there are items  that are missing, then let me know,  and I will find it and add it to the list.  All depreciation is undertaken using straight line depreciation.  Please note that for Tier 4 annual accounts you do not put depreciation into the accounts as Tier 4 is purely cash accounts.


Asset Type
in Xero
Plant Air Conditioning Systems SL 6.50%
Plant Air conditioning systems (in use 24 hours per day) SL 10.00%
Equip Audio and Video Systems – default rate SL 24.00%
Comput Backup Units for Computer Systems SL 30.00%
Build Buildings with reinforced concrete SL 3.00%
Build Buildings with with timber framing SL 2.00%
Equip Cameras – Hand Held SL 24.00%
Furn Carpets (other than modular tile construction) SL 24.00%
Furn Chairs – Office SL 10.00%
Comput Computer Equipment (default class) SL 30.00%
Soft Computer Software SL 30.00%
Equip Dehumidifier SL 17.50%
Furn Desks SL 8.00%
Equip Dictating Machines SL 40.00%
Equip Dishwasher SL 18.00%
Furn Drapes – Building Fitout SL 17.50%
Equip Fax machines SL 24.00%
Blg Fence(Wooden) SL 6.50%
Furn Filing Cabinets SL 8.00%
Furn Furniture (Loose) SL 15.00%
Plant Heat Pump SL 7.00%
Comput Laptops SL 30.00%
Equip Mobile phones SL 50.00%
MV Motor Vehicles SL 18.00%
Equip Musical Instruments SL 15.50%
Comput Network servers SL 30.00%
Furn Office Furn & Fittings – Default Class SL 10.00%
Paint Paintings and Drawings SL 6.50%
Part Partitions (non-load bearing SL 6.50%
Comput Personal Computers SL 30.00%
Equip Photocopiers SL 24.00%
Piano/Organ SL 5.50%
Equip Postal Franking Machines SL 15.50%
Comput Printers for computers SL 24.00%
Furn Tables SL 12.50%
Plant Telephone Systems SL 18.00%
Equip Telephones – handsets – portable SL 40.00%
Equip Televisions SL 24.00%
Furn Trolleys SL 10.00%
Equip Vacum cleaner – Commercial SL 24.00%
Equip Vacum cleaner – Residential Type SL 40.00%
Equip Video Projectors SL 24.00%