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Annual Return – Charities Services – 30 June 2016

Questions in the updated annual return

I have mentioned that the Annual Return that you complete and send (or complete online) has changed.

This is an outline of the questions that are asked in the updated annual return.  If you complete the annual return online, most general information about your charity will already be there and you can simply check and update BUT there is new information required.  I have highlighted the new requirements in RED with a  beside it also.

General information about your charity

  • Your charity’s legal and other name (including any trading name)
  • The region(s) or country (countries) where your charity operates
  • Charity’s registration number
  • Postal and street address
  • Phone, fax, email, website address and social media (optional)
  • Details of the main contact at your charity: name, phone number and email address
  • End of financial year/balance date, and
  • If there have been any changes to your charity’s rules document.

Officer details – for each officer

  • Full name
  • Date of birth ⊗
  • Officer’s position (for example, treasurer), and
  • Residential address ⊗

Note: Date of birth and residential address remains confidential and will not be available on the public register

Purpose and structure

  • Your charity’s purposes or mission
  • Your charity’s main activity, sector and beneficiary (collected for statistical purposes), and
  • A description of the structure of your charity, including any trading operations (if applicable).

Charity relationships

  • The names (and charity’s registration number, if applicable) of any entities that control or are controlled by your charity for financial reporting purposes. ⊗

 Your People

  • The number of paid full-time and paid part-time employees that work for your charity in an average week, and the approximate number of hours they work
  • The approximate number of volunteers that work for you in an average week or year, and the average number of hours they work.

Financial information

You will need a copy of your financial statements or Performance Report to complete the financial information section of the annual return form.

This section asks for information about your charity’s financial position (which covers things like receipts/income and payments/expenses) and financial performance (which covers resources/assets, commitments/liabilities, equity and other similar information). The questions are based on the minimum categories in the new reporting standards.

  • The tier your charity is reporting in (This affects the financial information you will be required to include in the annual return) ⊗
  • Indicate whether your charity’s performance report or financial statements have been audited or reviewed, and ⊗
  • Whether your charity’s financial statements or performance report discloses any related party transactions. ⊗

In addition, you will need to know whether your charity:

  • In its ordinary course of business, lends money to or on behalf of others, or manages money or funds on behalf of others ⊗
  • Provided goods or services overseas in the last financial year ⊗
  • Used any business income (for example, from the sale of goods or services) for charitable purposes overseas in the last financial year, and ⊗
  • Received donations and used any of its funds for charitable purposes overseas in the last financial year. ⊗

Some other information

In exceptional circumstances, applications can be made for certain information to be withheld from the public register.


Annual Returns to Charities Services

This is my annual reminder that for all registered charities whose end of financial year is the 30 June 2014 (99% of all Methodist entities), that they are required by the Charities Act to make an annual return by 31 December 2014.

You can do this either online or by downloading the Annual Return Form (Form 4) from Charities Services website (www.charities.govt.nz).  The cost of filing online is lower than filing a paper based return.

You will need your annual accounts completed when you make the annual return as these have to be attached and sent to Charities Services also.

If Annual Returns are not filed, then the registered charity could be deregistered.  If this were to happen, then it places that registered entity at risk from not being a “donee” organisation for tax purposes (cannot issue donation receipts for offering, bequests and other donations) and also may impose income tax obligations on the Officers of the deregistered entity due to recent changes in the Income Tax Act.

For those entities within the Church who do not lodge their returns by the 31 December, the Church has introduced a new protocol to ensure that Annual Returns are made.  The protocol requires me to inform the General Secretary, the Synod Superintendent (or similar person if the entity does not report to a Synod, such as the Chairperson of the Board) that an Annual Return has not been completed by the due date.  In addition, I will be required to report this to the Board of Administration at their next meeting.