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The intention of this site is allow people to ask questions on a range of issues that may concern people who help administer the financial resources of not only a parish but may also be helpful for a range of other smaller not-for-profit entities.

This site will allow people to ask questions on such things as Goods and Services Tax, Financial Reporting Standards, formats of annual accounts, statistical returns, human resource management (NOT questions regarding an individual but generic questions), employment agreements, contractors agreements, accounting issues regarding specific types of transactions, etc

When entering information, please keep comments to the topics and when entering a category, keep it within a generic category.  This will allow others who have a question to search for a topic and category first.


Peter van Hout

Financial Services Manager

29 August 2013

2 thoughts on “About This Site

  1. Greetings
    Thanks Peter for letting me in to your excellent work site! Are you able to send a Word copy of your Donations receipt -I would like to critique against the format I have. Thanks Max

    The Connexional Office have received a number of phone calls in recent weeks from the IRD wanting to confirm if a parish is part of the Methodist Church or the person signing the donation receipt is known to the Methodist Church. In most cases we are able to confirm them but for some we have rejected as we are unable to confirm the details.

    The Connexional Office does have a form (in PDF and Word format) that parishes and other entities are able to use for donation receipts. These comply with the requirements of the Income Tax Act.

    Wendy or Peter in the Connexional Office are able to send you these.

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