Wage Subsidies-Methodist Entities

I hope this post finds you safe and warm at home.

This post is intended for Methodist and Co-operating Parishes as well as Synods of the Methodist Church who use the Connexional Payroll System.

Most of you will be aware that the government have announced wage subsidiaries for employers and these can be applied for by registered charities.  Attached to this post is an information bulletin that that has been distributed to the wider Church.  Please note that as far as I am aware they are correct as at 4.00pm last Friday.

You will see that it is recommended that Connexional staff help parishes and synods apply for these subsidies.  If you would like us to do this work, then please make contact with the person who normally processes your payroll for you.

Please read the conditions associated with the wage subsidy.  The Leave subsidy (different to the wage subsidy) was removed on Friday and no longer available.

Once the parish has indicated that they wish the Connexional Office to undertake the work, we will confirm with you the list of employees (including the Presbyter) you have.  If there are others that you need to claim for, let us know but as highlighted in the attached information sheet, we will require additional information.

We will also require the consent of the employee to release the information we will send as part of the application process to the Ministry of Social Development and Work and Income.  We are intending to send all employees on our payroll this request in bulk as in many cases we do not have the employees date of birth and will need to collect it. A copy of what we are going to send to them is attached also.  Employees can either fill in the form and return it or send us an email back saying they have read and understood its content and give their consent to release it.  Our understanding is that will be sufficient.

We are looking at making changes to the payroll system to show the subsidy amount received on employees pay slips and record the amount within the payroll system so there is an audit trail. It is important therefore, that if we are NOT making the subsidy application and you are, that you inform us of the employees you have applied for, the amount applied for each employee and the total amount received.

The accounting entries relating to the subsidy will be dealt with by a separate post.

Government COVID MCNZ ver2 27 March 2020

CONSENT TO RELEASE INFORMATION wage Subsidies ver1 27 March 2020