Leave Forms

The Board of Administration was made aware that the annual leave for an employee, whose employment was terminated, was over stated in the payroll system and had been paid out.

It turned out that the employee had taken leave during her period of employment and the employer knew that leave had been taken but no leave forms had been sent to the Board for processing and therefore leave was not being reduced in the payroll system.

The effect was that when the employee was terminated and the final pay processed, the payroll system simply paid out what it though was outstanding.  Given the situation the Board found itself in, the amount was not able to be recovered from the employee and the Parish was left with the additional cost.

No doubt you understand the moral of the story but I will say it.  Compliance with legislation such as the Holidays Act and the Employment Relations Act involves paperwork and compliance but we need to ensure that the paperwork is processed in a timely manner to not only fulfil the Church’s obligations legal obligations but also to ensure it does not cost Parishes more money in the long term.

PLEASE, PLEASE, if an employee or presbyter takes leave, ask them to complete a leave form, have it authorised and send a copy to the Connexional Office for processing.