Boys Brigade, ICONZ and Scouts Groups

The Connexional Office has recently been made aware of a new Memorandum of Understanding developed by Boys Brigade and ICONZ which appears to have been in use since January 2012.

The agreement sets out a number of responsibilities of the Church which is running the Brigade or ICONZ unit which purports to throw the responsibility and liability for any issues raised in respect of the Brigade or unit on to the Church for all local events.

The Church’s liability covers have been developed on the understanding that the responsibility for Boys Brigade and associated groups rested with them and it would be helpful to know if the Parish you are associated with are operating Brigade units (or Scout groups or similar) so that the Connexional Office can determine how we need to have our insurance covers respond.

Accordingly we would be grateful if you would let us know if your parish have an operating Boys Brigade, ICONZ or Scouts group.

We would be helped if you could let us know the name of the parish, the name of the group and the approximate number of young people involved. Send the information to  The Subject line of the e-mail should be Boys Brigade, ICONZ and Scouts Groups.