Mileage Rates – 1 July 2013

Just a reminder for those who have not noticed that Information Leaflet No. 25 has changed the Connexional Travel description and rate.  Connexional Travel is now described as “Casual Travel”and is paid at $0.39 cents per km.  See page 13 of the Information Leaflet 25.

2 thoughts on “Mileage Rates – 1 July 2013

  1. Stipends and Allowances page 13 specifies a reimbursement rate of 39cents for casual travel. For Presbyters their usual reimbursement rate can be used and for lay people a negotiated rate may be used. My question is in what circumstances should I use the casual rate?

  2. In the normal course of events travel mileage for Presbyters and those people who are expected to use their car for employment related purposes should calculate their mileage based onto the table on page 12 under the heading “Motor Cars & Vans” but to do this their need to keep a detailed log book on their travel.

    In the event that no log book is kept or the travel is simply “causal” in nature, then the flat rate of $0.39 cents should be used.

    So, it really comes down to keeping a detailed log book.

    Hope that answers the question.

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