Monthly Archives: June 2020

Donation Management System – Celeme

Are you currently using Celeme?

Auckland Central Parish is investigating, with the approval of Celeme developer Alec Utting, how we can migrate Celeme onto a modern platform.

As you are aware, Celeme provides tax donation receipts which are compliant with NZ IRD requirements, produces envelope labels for those operating envelope systems and can report according to different congregations where the parish has multiple congregations.  Unfortunately Celeme does not operate so well on the latest versions of Windows, hence the thought around getting it upgraded to a modern platform.

Auckland Central Parish is investigating this as a specific project, and would appreciate knowing which other parishes are using Celeme, what their current experiences are with this product, and whether parishes would like to continue to use Celeme on another platform, if we can implement this change.  Please contact Auckland Central Parish Finance Manager Julie Adamson or phone 09-373-2869 with your thoughts and feedback.

If you are using another product, we would also like to know this OR if you would consider using a new product that was developed then let us know also.

Thank you.