Monthly Archives: May 2016

Financial Reporting Templates – 30 June 2016 – Tier 3 and 4

Christine, our contract accountant has been busy looking at the Tier 3 and 4 Excel templates that we used last year and seeing if we can make them a little easier to use.

In addition to this, Christine has also been looking at Xero and the templates that they have released for Tier 3 and 4.  The Xero templates have required us to do a fair amount of work to them to make them work correctly.  They are not perfect and this year will be a year of seeing how they do work in practice.

I have also asked Christine to see if she can prepare the Tier 3 and 4 templates as a Word document so that if Excel is not a product you use, then the Word template may be another solution that you can use.

The time frames will be tight.  We are hoping to release all of the templates (Excel, Word and Xero) on 24 June 2016.  We will let you know when they get online and where to find them closer to the 24 June.

We will also be looking at running online seminars during July and August, as we did last year.  We will confirm times and dates later.

However, by this stage you should have made a decision on which Tier you are electing to use.  More on that shortly.

Annual Returns to Charities Services

Charities Services have revised the Annual Return.  There is now one Annual Return for Tier 3 and one Annual Return for Tier 4 registered charities.  They are different and care will need to be taken when filing your Annual Return

The new Annual Return has a number of new questions and is longer.  I would strongly suggest that you print them out and look through them now so that you are prepared when you go online and complete the form.

Who those who will elect Tier 1 or 2, there is no paper based Annual Return.  The Return is online only (that is our understanding) so there are no links provided.

The Connexional Office will provide some guidelines on how to complete the new sections in due course. – Tier 3 Annual Return Link – Tier 4 Annual Return Link