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Liability of People Hiring and Using Church Premises

25 November 2015

The Methodist Church of New Zealand’s (the Church) insurance provides cover to the Church for damage caused to its property. When that damage was caused by the negligence or lack of appropriate oversight by somebody who has hired the Church premises for their own purposes, the Church’s insurer has the right of subrogation (claiming against) that person or organisation for the costs met by our insurer.

To protect those persons and groups using Church owned property, it is strongly recommended that the groups with a regular booking for the property be required to have a public liability insurance policy and that those more casual users be encouraged to take out such a cover.

Parishes should ensure that appropriate wording directing users to the need to have public liability cover is included in any hire agreement.

It is also timely to remind parishes that material owned by tenants but stored within Church owned premises is not covered by the Church’s insurance cover. We can only provide insurance cover for assets and property owned by the Church.

Kind regards
Greg Wright
Executive Director
Methodist Church of New Zealand