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Overpayment Scam Targeting Charities

We have been informed that online scammers are targeting New Zealand charities with an overpayment scam. The scammers are targeting all donation channels including donation forms on charity websites, phone donations as well as third party online platforms.


We have been advised that scammers are making donations using stolen credit card details. After donating, they will contact the charity directly to request a refund for a claimed overpayment. They may give realistic excuses, such as trying to convince you they intended to donate $100 instead of $1,000 and will experience personal hardship if the money is not returned. They may imply they are calling on behalf of a donor or are the donor themselves.


They ask you to return the overpayment to a bank account or a different credit card to the one used in the original transaction. The scammer hopes you will return the money before realising the donation was fraudulent.


If you receive a direct refund request for a donation, always review the transaction details with the entity who processed the transaction before agreeing to a refund.


Never agree to refund a credit card donation to a bank account or a different credit card. Be wary of online donors who claim they’ve donated too much or made an error when entering their donation amount.

Kiwibank is going cheque-free from 28 February 2020

For Kiwibank customers, this means they will not be able to get a cheque book on a newly opened bank account. If they already have cheque facilities on existing accounts, they will not be able to order a new cheque book from 30 September 2019.

From 28 February 2020 Kiwibank will no longer accept cheque deposits and will stop providing bank cheques.

What this could mean is that if you receive a cheque from a Kiwibank customer AFTER 28 February 2020, your bank (mainly the Bank of New Zealand for most Methodist Parishes) will no longer be able to deposit them as they will NOT be accepted by Kiwibank.

From 1 March 2020 you will not be able to write out a cheque to a customer/supplier or as a grant to someone who has a Kiwibank account as Kiwibank will not accept the cheque.  These payments will need to be made by internet banking.

Our expectation is that Kiwibank are leading the charge on this issue.  The use of cheques has reduced by 20% year-on-year for the past five years.  Other banks will follow suit and therefore parishes and other entities within the Church need to start preparing for the phasing out of cheques by other banks in 2020 and 2021.

The Methodist Church has a BNZ internet banking login for the Church, any Methodist Parish or entity who would like access to their Parish bank accounts through internet banking, please e-mail

Cyber Security

Here is a flyer that the Connexional Office have produced to make you think about cyber security, backups and the things that can be done to make yourself, the Parish (or any other entity within the Church) safe.  This will help to minimise risks while being connected to the internet and the world wide web.

Keep Yourself Safe Online Cyber Security

Health and Safety – Care for Our People Manaakitia ā Tātou Tāngata

Ata mārie koutou!

You may have noticed in the last E-messenger newsletter that the Church now have documents available on the Methodist Church of New Zealand website to help Care for Our People Manaakitia ā Tātou Tāngata.

Please would you let everyone know that this page is active and information is available for them to use.

The templates available so far are for  Emergency Response Plans and the Connexional Office will notify you when new material is released (which will be no more than once a month).

Ngā mihi

M2-Form Parish Statistics Information

Just a note to remind you that the annual parish statistics information can be completed online through the GST System.  The person who would normally file the monthly GST information will have the user name and password.  Information on this has already been sent out.

If you require a paper based form then ask Wendy Kier for one and she will send you are copy.  The completed M2 Form is due to be with Wendy by Friday 18 August 2017.

Christchurch Workshop for Treasurers

Treasurers Workshop

Board of Administration – 50 Langdons Road

Saturday 10 June 2017

We have finalised the date and times of a Christchurch based workshops.

Session 1 – Saturday 10 June 2017 – 9.00am to 11.00am

  • Beginner Topics on Xero, Management Reporting and Financial Reporting at Year End plus questions and answers

Session 2 – Saturday 10 June 2017 – 1.00pm to 4.00pm

  • Advanced Topics on Xero and Financial Reporting at End of Year plus questions and answers

We would appreciate people wanting to attend to one of the sessions to let us know which session they wish to attend by e-mailing either or by 30 April 2017.

Please let us know of any questions or topics you would like to address at any of the sessions. We will send out a detailed agenda before the date of the workshop.

While the cost of attending the workshops are free, the Board of Administration is not in a position to cover attendee’s accommodation and travel costs.  If this is an issue for some attendees, please talk to your parish or synod.

Car parking at Langdons Road should not be an issue.  There is parking in the front of the building, in behind the building and also on the Road. Access into the building will only be via the front entrance.  The back entrance will be locked and secure.

We are also looking at using Microsoft Skype to live broadcast the workshops for those who are interested but cannot attend.  More on that later.

Tea, coffee and water will be made available.


How Many Bank Accounts do you Have?

We are aware, that historically Parishes, have setup new bank accounts for specific projects.  With the increased use of Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) internet banking and the Xero accounting software, we are encouraging Parishes to consolidate the number of bank accounts held.  The Connexional Office does not believe that Parishes require multiple bank accounts to administer their funds and it will make the Cash Flow Statements and Tier 4 Statement of Receipts and Payments a little less time consuming.

If funds are to be set aside for a specific purpose or project, we recommend the setting up of a Methodist Trust Association deposit rather than an individual or new bank account.  This ensures the Parish has the funds kept separate from the general Parish bank account and interest is earned on the deposit.

For Parishes who do not use BNZ internet banking (that the BNZ offers at no cost to the Parish), this facility allows you to make electronic payments, download bank transactions, print out bank statements if need be and check account balance information at any time.  The internet banking rules comply with the Methodist Church signatory requirements, which is two authorised people must authorise any payment from the bank account.  If you would like to utilise this facility, please contact Sarah Andrews (e-mail for further information.  The BNZ will waive the usual monthly fee if the completed form is sent from the Connexional Office.


Connexional Payroll Over Christmas and New Year

Attached are two notices about processing of Connexional Payroll over the Christmas and New Year period.If you are not the right person to receive this but you know who is, could you pass it on please.

There are two notices.  One for Fortnightly Payroll and one for Monthly Payroll.

Christmas Payroll 2015-16 Fortnightly

Christmas Payroll 2015-16 Monthly

Financial Reporting and Accounting – Decisions of Conference 2015

There are three Conference decisions which may impact upon a number of entities within the Church and so I wish to highlight them as early as possible so that there is a no surprises approach if the Board of Administration seeks to set your entity within Xero or we assign an accountant to undertake the end of year financial reporting for your entity.

The relevant decisions are:

• In the event of an entity within the Methodist Church not supplying the appropriate financial reports by the due dates for the current and previous financial year, then Conference asks the General Secretary to make arrangements with that entity to transfer their accounting system to Xero (or other approved accounting system) commencing from the new financial year.

• If the entity is already using Xero and still does not prepare and send annual financial statements in accordance with the standards necessary to comply with Church Law, then Conference asks the Board of Administration to prepare accounts. The cost of preparation and filing will be charged directly to the entity.

• Conference notes that the financial information required to be completed and returned on the M4 Form need NOT be completed if the same information is contained in the Notes to the Accounts of the annual financial statements.