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External Reporting Board-Consulting on Reporting Standards

Most of you will know that there were significant changes to the financial reporting standards about 5 years ago which also impacted upon the information needed to be returned to Charities Services.

During the consultation period of ” Modernising the Charities Act” which the Department of Internal Affairs managed earlier in the year, there was some discussion about having reporting exemptions or lower reporting standards for “micro” charities.

If you are interested then you may wish to attend this webinar run by the External Reporting Board on the review of the reporting standards.

To find out more and register CLICK HERE.

Gmail – Google lets app developers access personal emails

This appeared in the Christchurch Press on Saturday 22 September 2018 and highlighted that extreme care needs to be taken when using Gmail for official Church business.  If you have any concerns, it is strongly suggested that you talk to the Connexional Office about creating a “” email address for official Church business.  There is no cost for this service and takes 5 minutes to setup and get underway.

“Google is allowing hundreds of companies to scan people’s Gmail accounts, read their emails and even share their data with other firms, the company has confirmed.

In a letter to US senators Susan Molinari, Google’s vice president for public policy in the Americas admitted that it lets app developers access the inboxes of millions of users – even though Google itself stopped looking in 2017.

In some cases human employees have manually read thousands of emails in order to help train AI systems which perform the same task.

The disclosure has uncomfortable echoes of last year’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which political consultants covertly harvested data from 87 million Facebook users through…” CLICK HERE for the full article.

Free accounting assistance for registered charities in your area – Book an appointment now! 

This was an e-mail that i received from Charities Services.  Some of you may be interested in this.

Kia ora, talofa lava and warm greetings,

Does your registered charity need some help with its Annual Return, Performance Report or some face to face support to get your head around the financial reporting standards?

Charities Services’ accountants will be available on Thursday 22 February from 12 – 4pm in our DIA Manukau office to help registered charities with any accounting queries related to their charity’s Annual Return, Performance Report and the financial reporting standards. If your charity would benefit from some free accounting expertise, book your appointment now.

How it works

We have limited appointments available, so please select your preferred appointment time here. The appointments will be for approx. 20 minutes, so to maximise your time with us you’ll be asked to provide:

·         The legal name or Charities Registration number (CC number) of your charity.  You can find this on the Charities Register.

·         A brief description of your accounting query.

Once you’ve submitted your request for an appointment, we’ll get in touch with you to confirm the time of your appointment with one of our accountants.

*If you’re receiving this email but you’re not in charge of your charity’s finances, please forward this invitation on to the relevant person in your charity, or anyone you think might be interested.

Will You Need Assistance at the end of the Financial Year in 2017?

The Accountants within the office of the Board of Administration of the Methodist Church of New Zealand are in the process of planning and allocating work during July, August and September 2017.

You will appreciate that it is a busy time and they are wanting to plan their time so that they meet the time frames, for not only the regular Parishes they provide accounts to, but also Parishes that require assistance with their annual accounts.

In an endeavor to plan this work load, could you indicate to Peter van Hout ( if there is a strong likelihood that the Parish will require us to assist them in completing their annual accounts to 30 June 2017.  Could you let Peter know by Friday 5 May 2017 by sending him an email.


Treasurers Workshop – Date and Time Confirmations

Treasurers Workshop

409 Great South Road, Auckland

Sunday 5 March 2017

Monday 6 March 2017

We have finalised the days and times of the workshops based on feedback received and this is the programme we envisage running on these two days.

Session 1 – Sunday 5 March 2017 – 2.00pm to 5.00pm

  • Advanced Topics on Xero and Financial Reporting at End of Year plus questions and answers

Session 2 – Monday 6 March 2017 – 9.00am to 11.00am

  • Beginner Topics on Xero, Management Reporting and Financial Reporting at Year End plus questions and answers

Session 3 – Monday 6 March 2017 – 1.00pm to 4.00pm

  • Advanced Topics on Xero and Financial Reporting at End of Year plus questions and answers

We would appreciate people wanting to attend to one of the sessions to let us know which session they wish to attend by e-mailing either or by 24 February 2017.

Please let us know of any questions or topics you would like to address at any of the sessions. We will send out a detailed agenda before the date of the workshop.

We are looking at having workshops in Christchurch and Wellington later in the year but do not have any dates yet.

While the cost of attending the workshops are free, the Board of Administration is not in a position to cover attendee’s accommodation and travel costs.  If this is an issue for some attendees, please talk to your parish or synod.

Car parking at 409 is limited.  While parking on Sunday should not be an issue, Monday car parking may be limited as staff and tenants will be in the office.

Tea, coffee and water will be made available.

Treasurers Workshop in Auckland

The Connexional Office are looking at providing some Treasurer training which will include question and answer sessions in Auckland in either February or March of this year.  The timing and number of sessions (and their length) will depend upon demand and what material you wish to cover.  Our thinking at the moment is to hold the training sessions on Monday 27 February and, if necessary Tuesday 28 February but these dates are not set in stone.

We would travel to Auckland and stay for two days so could run sessions in the afternoon of one day, the evening and the following morning or some combination.

We will be focusing the training on Xero (beginner, intermediate and advanced), financial reporting as well as general “treasurer” type topics but other topics can be added, if needed.

To start with, we would like to know whether you would be interesting in attending a session and what topics of a general and specific nature you would like to know about.  As a starting point, here is a list of what we have come up with.

  • Who and What are related party transactions and how should I show them in my financial statements?
  • What is a “commitment” for the purposes of financial statements at the end of the year?
  • Do we need to put into our annual accounts?
  • Who can audit and review our annual accounts?

It would be helpful for our planning if you could let us know if you would be interested in attending one (or more) of the sessions listed below

  • Xero – beginner session for those who do not currently use Xero
  • Xero – intermediate session for those who have been using Xero for up to a year
  • Xero – advanced session for those who have been using Xero for more than a year
  • Year-end financial reporting
  • Question & answer session

Please e-mail Peter ( or Sarah ( by 2 February 2017. We will confirm early February the dates, session times and agenda in the following week.

Minimum wage to Increase

The minimum wage will increase by 50 cents to $15.25 an hour on 1 April 2016, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Woodhouse announced today.
“The Government has once again taken care to ensure the right balance has been struck between protecting our lowest paid workers, and ensuring jobs are not lost,” says Mr Woodhouse.
“An increase to $15.25 per hour will directly benefit approximately 152,700 workers and will increase wages throughout the economy by $75 million per year.
“With annual inflation currently at 0.1 per cent, an increase to the minimum wage by 3.4 per cent gives our lowest paid workers more money in their pocket, without imposing undue pressure on businesses or hindering job growth.
“The Government has increased the minimum wage every year since coming to office, from $12 to $15.25. This is an overall increase of 27% compared to inflation of around 11%.
“Our steady increases to the minimum wage reflect the Government’s commitment to growing the economy, boosting incomes and supporting jobs.”